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Ceiling Systems

  • High-quality construction and design
  • Small exterior dimensions to save space in tight areas
  • Secure equipment support outside of the data room
  • Reduced cost of cable configurations when used to create consolidation points in your network
  • Open and enclosed options to suit your aesthetic preferences and security requirements
  • A variety of standard sizes and options to suit your needs and budget
  • Customized Units are available for unique projects with special requirements
  • Recessed into acoustical ceiling grids for aesthetically integrated installation
  • UL Listed; UL 50, UL 1863 and UL 2043
  • Four styles to suit your equipment mounting needs.
    • 2'x2' Passive Ceiling Enclosure for Wiring Blocks(voice networks)
    • 2'x2' Passive Ceiling Enclosure for Patch Panels(data networks)
    • 2'x2' Active Ceiling Enclosure for housing active equipment plus voice and data connectivity.
    • 2'x4' Active and Passive Ceiling Enclosures for applications needing more connectivity than a standard zone cabling enclosure.
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